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Our Having assembled a diverse group of talent from producers and directors, to technical staff, we have the ability to select the right team to help bring your creative vision to life. With every production being unique, we identify your needs and work with you through each step of the process. We offer a variety of professional services to help make your conference or event a great success. These services range from onsite specialists and sophisticated live-streaming equipment to full-scale productions that include multiple cameras, cranes, video switching equipment, and the audio and video expertise to manage it all.

Corporate Event Coverage

LPM has been recruited in both the private and public sectors to cover entertainment, training, holiday parties and various corporate events, with the intent of boosting employee morale. LPM pays close attention to detail while maintaining a high level of service and professionalism at each corporate event we have covered. A multitude of years providing this service has cumulated into a reputation of trust and respect that our clients rely on.


Whether the audience size is 50 people or 5,000 people, LPM’s team of trained professionals possesses the experience and skills required to handle small to large crowd sizes. Using our state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment, LPM is able to obtain the crisp sound of the music and continuous emotions and expressions on the artists face. We understand the amount of time and effort required to organize a concert/show of great magnitude, and will ensure our team does its part in assisting to the best of our abilities.

TV Commercials

Capture the essence of your brand in a 30 second, 1-minute or longer clip illustrating the prime aspects your company has to offer. LPM ensures our commercials depict yourproduct, service and image in a unique way, customized specifically for your target audience. We work directly with our clients, combining our professional expertise with your vision and creating an exemplary final product.

Non For Profit & Fundraisers

What better way to give back to the community than encapsulate your entire event on camera? Whatever the charitable cause, LPM Production is here to help and fully supports organizations on their philanthropic endeavors. Building a solid relationship with the regional community is essential in implementing non-profit organizations and fundraising activities. An exceptional method of allowing the community to further understand your organization or cause is through our event coverage and community outreach services.