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About Us

For over 20 years, LPM’s diverse team of video and photo production professionals have delivered a consistent product in the corporate marketplace.  Our team has worked on a variety of projects throughout Ontario and abroad, providing an outlet for the LPM team to foster a quality portfolio comprised of commercials, corporate events and audio/visual services for a variety of company occasions.  LPM prides itself in capturing every moment of your event, producing a modern and entertaining end product suitable for your employees and clients.  The LPM head office is conveniently located in Brampton, Ontario, allowing clients easy accessibility to meet with our team should the need arise.

To support the needs of our clients, the LPM team offers photography and cinematography services.  By choosing LPM Production, our clients receive a custom-tailored solution with the appropriate resources and team to provide you with the best quality project.  Our team constantly works with you to ensure the final product meets your high standards.  Feel free to view our corporate portfolio to gain further insight as to the caliber of work we are capable of.